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motowear jacket - Overall experience [Update]

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motowear jacket - Overall experience [Update]
« on: June 14, 2018, 09:21:37 PM »
So after getting the notification about discount at the jacket i though let try this as my previous jacket (scimitar razor 2) was not fitting properly. So i filled up the form and sure enough after 2-3 days i got the call from Roshan asking about the requirement. I went to meet him a Sat and after discussion decided to go with motowear as they were the only brand who were doing the custom fit . I selected the Motowere Red dragon(with rain liner/name printing etc)

Form his office we went to a tailor to get the measurement done and was told that delivery will happen in 4 days but it kept getting postponed and finally received the jacket after 10-12 days and it was delivered to my home by Roshan(thanks a lot for that)

Now coming to the Jacket lets look at the good things first.


The jacket looks wonderful and material used to make the jacket were good. especially the mixture of red and black looked really good. They have given stretch-pads near elbow and shoulder area.

Inner lining:-
Inner lining of the jacket was also quite good for the price and it was much better then the scimitar i was using before. And i was very happy with it.

Rain liner:-
The quality of the rain liner was also good and much better then the scimitar. It will get the job done in light to moderate rain. You can remove the rain liner but there is no marking on zipper (like different color coding for rain liner vs thermal zipper)

It was also kind of ok but no were near what i was promised..however as i was palling to use it in Bangalore and surrounding did not paid much attention but i am sure it won't be effective when temp is range of 10 or below.


Stitching:- That is simply not good. It does not look professional and i can see some stitching threads hanging out. The stitches were particularity bad at wrist area. They need to improve this a lot.

Straps:- Not the best quality. better one are available for similarly priced jackets. There were none provided at wrist area( not sure why ?) i guess this is one of the place where they cut the corner.

Fitting:- After i was promised custom fit i was expecting the a really good fit but as soon as put on the jacket i knew it was not made to fit me. It was like i had borrowed the jacket from my dad. No fit at all. It was a generic medium size jacket which was delivered. Which made me a bit angry however i thought lets take it for a ride and see...and while riding i noticed the font chain when pulled up fully was pressing up against my inner cloth for protraction against that. And after the ride i called roshan and told him about this. He promised that he will get it fixed properly...and i am still waiting for the con call with the manufactures so i can explain them what is wrong with the fitting.

And most impotent part is the armors.

Armour : - During the meeting i had with roshan he said jackets will come with Level1 type B armor..however after oping the pocket i was in for a shock. There is no way the armor is Level1 Type B.
my scimitar had the Level1 type B armor and the armor provided in the jacket was nothing when i compare with this.  Another thing i noticed is the shoulder and arm armor is exactly same. This was the tripping point for me.

If anyone is buying the jacket i would request you to buy the armor from outside and replace the old one as they are good for nothing.

For me i decided at that movement that it's a bad investment and i should buy other jacket and went ahead and bought DSG evo pro and upgraded the armor to SAS-TEC Level 2 Type B (as it does not come with real armor). Will come with the review of that soon.

Hopefully this will help follow member to take the right call.

Roshan from motowear reach out to me and updated me on the below points:

*  About Stitching :-   He has updated me that After the review they have improved the Stitching quality and material both to match the premium quality.
*  About Fitting :-      They have changed the measurement Technic to include more points to make sure Jackets fits perfectly
*  About Armors :-     As per the update they have informed me that they have upgraded the armors and now they are offering Lv2 armor (Trek certified)


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Re: motowear jacket - Overall experience
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2018, 05:08:44 PM »
Oh man.. I am planning for motowear too. The current jacket doesn't fit me well.
I'm planning to use L2 back protector from my existing jacket.

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Re: motowear jacket - Overall experience
« Reply #2 on: July 01, 2018, 05:35:28 PM »
Nice review bro yes as we get big in size it's difficult for us to get good jackets to fit us properly. I too now have XXXL Jackets later if we put on weight we will have to make custom jackets . U may wanna try Cascara garments they too make riding jackets their fit n finish is good.


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Re: motowear jacket - Overall experience
« Reply #3 on: July 04, 2018, 08:37:47 AM »
DC, Nelson.

If I may suggest, I think you guys should reach out to BBG or Solace to make a custom one for you.

Dear Chanakya,

As far as "Motowear" is concerned, I think you should raise this as a concern with the vendor and let us know if it can be rectified. I thank you for your prompt views on the product. I was wondering if you could add/share some pictures here of the armour used in your jacket. ( Not questioning your decision by any means)

Fits are something that are subjected to the buyer. However, I completely respect your opinion I have seen and heard about the stitches, straps and fittings as to being too lose over the shoulder and often with longer than required sleeves. (No Disrespect)

I See some positives as well but, to make a decisive call we would like to see some photos if you don't mind.

Re: motowear jacket - Overall experience [Update]
« Reply #4 on: September 03, 2018, 07:44:34 PM »
Hi Chanakya, wanted to check if there are any updates with regards to the Jacket. Looking to pick one up from them and hence looking forward to your inputs.