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Sol Alpha 5 review

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Sol Alpha 5 review
« on: September 03, 2018, 08:44:17 PM »
This one is a pure love and hate relationship. Hated the helmet when I purchased it, but starting to appreciate few of the subtleties of the Helmet. Now before you get into why did I buy this helmet if I didn't like it so much, the reason was simple - It wasn't meant for me. It was meant for my wife whenever she decided to ride along. Our head shapes matched and hence gave me a reason to use this helmet along with my MT revenge. She doesn't care about the linings as she rarely uses it! Let me get into why I hated this helmet

1) Inner linings - They are rough. Not as soft or comfy as the ones in the MT revenge and will take some effort to get used to them. I can actually feel the corners and shape of the helmet when I put it on. Its completely opposite my MT revenge
2) Internal sun visor - don't see much use of this as it is pretty small in size and gives protection to only a small portion of the bright light that comes through the helmet. Its like having the upper half of the view with protection, while lower half remains as bright af.

1) Visor adjustments: This has 5 levels and is a life saver - esp during the rains. Gives me better view as compared to my MT revenge (which has 3 levels).

Can't think of anything else that stands out in this helmet. The biggest reason why I dislike this helmet is because I bought the MT revenge at the same time - hence everything that I like/dislike will depend on my experience from the direct comparison of the two and MT seems to be fairly superior. Protection wise, I think this does it job (don't hope to test test my theory any day soon). Though not Sharp rated, it has its other global ratings on it.

I'm slowly getting used to the inner linings as I have started using a balaclava (hence the linings roughness is negligible). The sun visor was perfect during the past weeks in BLR (cloudy with no chance of meatballs) where it did it job perfectly!