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Helmet Buying Tips

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Helmet Buying Tips
« on: June 29, 2018, 05:57:37 PM »
Helmet Style: As far as possible, opt for a full face helmet. Open face and even flip up helmets do not have the same structural strength as a full face helmet. Within the full face style, opt for helmets meant for road or race use as they are more aerodynamic. Avoid helmets designed for off-road use as they put additional stress on your neck at high speeds.

Size & Fit: Try not to buy online. You need to wear a helmet and decide if it feels comfortable and secure. Also check your head measurements and ensure that the helmet you buy is the right size for you. Also ensure you check for your head shape against the shape of the helmet. A helmet should fit snugly around the cheeks and should not move up and down when you shake your head. But remember that it should not be so tight that you get a headache.

Certification matters:  ECE or DOT or both. ISI will probably not be sufficient to deal with the kind of speeds that a Dominar is capable of. Don't even think of going to roadside vendors. Buy from a reputed authorized dealer to avoid getting a fake.

Release Mechanism: Quick Release or Double D Rings. Both have their pros and cons. Double D rings are more secure but a pain to engage and disengage with gloves and harder to remove in case of an accident.

Internal Sun Visor: It is a good idea to go for a helmet that has an internal sun visor along with a clear main visor. It lets you use the same helmet in all kinds of riding conditions - sunny to dark. Use tinted or iridium or mirror main visors only if you ride during the day - they are not recommended for night riding.

Pinlock Compatibility: It's generally a good idea to go for a helmet that either comes with a bundled pinlock insert or at least has a visor that is pinlock ready. For those unaware of what a Pinlock is, it is a plastic shield that can be applied on the side of a sun visor to prevent the visor from fogging up during rains or cold weather.

Lining & Padding: Try to opt for a helmet that has removable and washable liners. You tend to sweat on longer rides and it is always good to clean the padding after long rides.

Connectivity: Most good helmets these days come with speaker pockets for bluetooth intercom systems. If you plan to install an intercom system, it's best to go for a helmet that has these pockets.
Ventilation: In a hot country like ours, it is important to have a helmet that allows for good ventilation. At a minimum, your helmet should have a chin vent and a top vent along with an exhaust vent at the back to let hot and stale air pass through