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BBG - Semi Gauntlet Gloves

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BBG - Semi Gauntlet Gloves
« on: July 06, 2018, 05:47:36 PM »
When I was planning to buy Dominar itself I started searching for a good helmet and gloves, at that moment of time all known YouTube'rs were talking about BBG, I thought this is the best brand out there (i didnt even knew brands like solace, tbg exist  :o )
I got to know there are 3 types of gloves we can use
One is a normal rider glove type (like probiker) for city use
Semi Gauntlet gloves for touring
Full Gauntlet for racing

Obviously I was not planning any track and straigh away finalized to buy semi gauntlet glove
in this section BBG was offering the best one at the given price of Rs.2800. I checked the Rynox and i didnt like it
I bought it from Adheshwars almost 15 days before i bought my bike.

I must say after using almost every day for past 1 year and 3 months, its really glove
The glove gives good protection to Knucke, fingers and palm
Very good quality materials used

The internal stitching and finish near the fingertips could have been better
Its not even water resistant  (Leather gloves not supposed to be used in rain ;D )
after riding in rain, the glove started to fade and now its started tearing off near the palm area (these can be expected from a glove which used for daily rides for last one year)

Do I recommend this Glove
YES - if you specifically looking for semi gauntlet gloves