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She is almost a year old!!

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She is almost a year old!!
« on: July 10, 2018, 02:07:35 PM »
It feels like yesterday that, I saw a TVC from Bajaj saying they have  a 400 cc offering and the first advertisement just swept me off my feet. It was love at first sight, it was just one of those things that tingle your palms for that Adrenaline rush, that hidden craze because these were just dreams that I could not afford.

It definitely wasn't as classy as it seems atleast for me. I was this golden eyed kid staring at the bike looking at me everyday I passed by the showroom on my classic saying "Do you think you are good enough for me?". Well, nevertheless I muscled up the courage to walk-in to the showroom and take a closer look at her and the rest just slipped through me! Its almost a year. She celebrates her birthday on the 19th of July! and man is she amazing !!!!

Here are some glimpses of my time with this amazing beauty! The Dominar 400, My "Harley Quinn" !!!!

Its gonna be lengthy, I hope I don't bore you. I thought, why not take you through my Journey  :P

Chapter 1: How it Happened!

It was a freakishly sweaty Saturday Morning at Chennai, just up from bed for my early morning dose of Youtube and WAM!! the Dominar Ad was on my face. I had the whole weekend to myself and there was obviously the need to get my Classic to the garage for an oil Change. So, I decided to lift my otherwise super lazy rear to the Garage and get her ready for the week ahead.

I don't know what got into me, I decided to walk up to the Bajaj Showroom about a 100mts from the Garage and there she was! Sleek, staring at the Street outside and a Donkey just making her scream for no reason! (lol, no Dirty feelings. I am still talking about the Dominar)

I walk-in, a warm greeting from an unknown Stranger.

Stranger: Hello Sir! How can I help you.
Me: Just Window shopping Sir, I wanted to check this bike out. ( trying to control my emotions!)

Stranger: My name is Mithun, I can show you the bike and also help you with a Test Ride. Let me know if you are interested.

Me: (Inside) BC, Ru serious! get that bike! lets see what it can do! Enough of your Ads troubling my Youtube time!!!

(Reality) Sure Mithun  ;D ;D

(Ain't I an As****e)

So, it happens. I get the bike. Pull the Dominar out for a test ride. (My first test ride for any bike till date) I start the engine (not impressed), I raise the throttle (doesn't sound like the Advertisement), alrite then! lets see what it can do!

I start and the rest is History!

I still make sure I meet Mithun (Currently with KTM) everytime I am in Chennai. This guy introduced me to something I had not felt before. The courtesy, the simplicity of Mithun just blew me away however, he was also the guy who gave me the bad news. No Black coloured Dominar on sale yet! Buggar !!!!

Chapter 2: The Predicament :(

I have always been a fan of Black, I have never thought of a Machine in another Color, a heart breaking thought at the back of my mind in every meeting that I attend at work. What do i do ? Should I go for it? Should I wait? Should I break my Dream Run? I was lost, confused. I wanted to own the Dominar no matter what.

Life had other ideas though, Mom fell Sick, I had to run back to Bangalore. Quit my job. I am now sitting at home, trying to find another job. Listening to the constant chatter of "Why are you not going to Work!" tough times it lasted for a few Months but Determination was all I had. :( :(

Chapter 3: The Good News. :)

Out of the Blue, an unexpected call for an Interview and Guess what I am employed again!! and the next thing, I called Khivraj at Hoodi,

Me: Hello, DO you have a Dominar in Black.
Assosciate: Not yet Sir, We are expecting the Color to come out in July!

( All hell breaks loose! The Dream rekindled! My first 400cc Bike (eventhough, its 373cc my mom wouldn't know, or would she ??? she still thinks I own a Pulsar though)

Me: Ok, I will see you at 3PM, Just confirm te Delivery Dates.
Associate: Sure

Chapter 4: My Fate is Sealed!

I walk-in, pay the leftover part of my savings. Give the Documents, One more test ride on the Dominar and 3 weeks later. I had her.

Like a wave, she came roaring out of the basement parking with shining Pilot lights, still wrapped in her first covers, shining! A Matt Black Dominar. I had it! I bought it! the emotions still in my eyes! the happiness. M bundle of Joy! right there! WOW!!!! the sense of acheivement! Something mind blowing!

I dont know if I would ever feel this way about another bike again but, this was just for the better days to come. I heard the blah blah from the delivery dude and as soon as the Key hit my palm, its GAME TIME!!!

From that day (July 19th, 2018), the way I look at biking has entirely changed. The sense of touring has changed, the passion for biking and adventure is more than ever before. Every Km I Travel, every trip i complete means more than it ever did before.

I found a new me! more than everything, I found a new brotherhood. A Family that I will always cherish. Yes, its DOCB. When I joined the group, I was another Squid that was probably just an unruly mess of speed and power. I tuned myself, I learnt alot, a supportive forum of fun, knowledge and people of all age groups!.

I can never thank Bajaj enough for giving me this Bike and Tushar bhai for what he has done to mould the group to what it is today, not to forget the Admins who are the backbone of this community and every single individual who have been so suportive to make one's dream become a reality!

A heartfelt Thank you to you all! Thank you for accepting me and my Harley Quinn to your family.

I am forever in debt. She will be a year old in a few days and already over 20K on the odo. Looking forward to some more memorable rides and loads of foolishness from me!

Untill next time! Take care Gentlemen. You are all Amazing and special.


Just reliving the memories in enough to put me in tears! it's no doubt a machine but, its a machine that gave me a family I never thought I would have. Once again, Thank you!


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Re: She is almost a year old!!
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2018, 04:35:24 PM »
Nicely Narrated Rohit, we here do know how it feels to think and plan before we decide to buy a new bike. The feeling and emotions which comes along with it. Loved the way u have put across your journey in chapters from start to end. Ride safe and hope ur family members are fine now. Godspeed.


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Re: She is almost a year old!!
« Reply #2 on: July 10, 2018, 09:43:44 PM »
I really enjoyed reading your posts Rohit. And this one is even better. Feels like I should also sum up my story of buying Dominar and post it here.  8)


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Re: She is almost a year old!!
« Reply #3 on: July 10, 2018, 10:48:34 PM »
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It feels like yesterday that

Good blog bro.. I had dream of buying my bike.  It took me 3 years to get me one. 😃 that feel when I gave first throttle to my bike unforgettable.