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Title: Highway riding comfort
Post by: Nelsdias11 on June 30, 2018, 11:08:15 PM
I know all of us experience the vibrations in the city riding conditions but how about highway cruising?
I must say after doing around 20 rides of around 400kms a day, this bike is one of the most comfortable bikes for the long rides especially highway cruising.
The weight around 180kgs is helping to keep the bike planted on highspeeds against cross winds. There are times i was above 120 to 140 kmph for almost an hour, never the bike felt stressed or heated, I fell in love with this bike everytime i go on a highway.
The crazy thing about this bike is torque.. Say you are on a uphill at some 120kmph, twist the throttle and you will hit 140kmph in no time.
Sweet spot cruising speed of my bike is 105 to 135kmph
At the above mentioned speed range it delivers a mileage of around 28kmph.

Guys feel free to add your experiences