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Bengaluru Riding Events 2018 / Re: World Motorcycle Day - 2018
« on: June 15, 2018, 06:12:32 PM »
Dear all,

Dont share your WMD IDs here on the forum. Keep it on your person when you enter the venue.

Sri Menon

Initial Ownership Report / My one year ownership report !!!
« on: June 11, 2018, 09:22:20 PM »
Hello All,

Its about time to write an ownership review of my bike. Been the best investment so far apart from my riding gears . I got to ride my bike on Feb 27,2017 from Khivraj motors, Kasturba road. I have always not been the typed to baby my bike and ride as per run-in conditions. Day 2 of ownership, I happily sped away to touch 155 kph. one week later, first service. 19300 kms down the road, I must say that its been one of the best ever value for money power machines I have ridden. Apart from a fork tube replacement, this bike has been amazing with zero break downs.

I have listed below the pros and cons based on my experience with my bike. Also, listed the mods and other useful information too.

1) Value for money
2) Decent Mileage
3) Lesser body strain due to good ergonomics (Stock seating)
4) Good stability in rains (Rode at 130+ kph in rains)
5) Slipper Clutch and ABS
6) Good paint Quality
7) Decent pick-up
 8) Comfortable seating
9) Excellent control in cornering

1) Small fuel tank
2) Short Mirrors
3) Cheap handle bar grips
4) Lot of NVH near the tank and foot peg area
5) Head light not strong enough to illuminate (especially when riding on highways)
6) No Provision to add spools for paddock stands
7) No Gear shift indicator
 8) Weaker cone-set, Bad quality

I have always taken a backseat when it came to mods. However, done a few:
1) Duke 250 mirrors
2) Duke 390 Knuckle guards
3) Duke 390 Handle grips
4) Mobile holder with charger (China made)
5) Carbon racing saddle stay
6) Exhaust Guard (Custom made)
7) Radiator Guard (Custom made)

Could have been added or made better:
1) Tail light design could have been better
2) Brake bite could have been better
3) Adjustable levers should have been part of the bike
4) Bajaj should have given accessories related to the bike (Saddle stays, Windshield etc)

These are some products I prefer to use on my bike:
1) Preferred Engine Oil: Release ON
2) Preferred Chain Lube: Motul | Release ON
3) Body Polish: Formula one
4) Use nitrogen in my tires

Do share your opinions on your ownership so far, good and bad !!!

Thanks & Regards,
Sri Menon

Day Ride / Kudremukh Ride - 2018
« on: June 08, 2018, 03:31:12 PM »
Dear Riders,

We are now in the process of making announcements ready for the ride to Kudremukh. This would be a One day ride and we would be riding close to 700 kms. Gear yourselves up for this event. More details will be shared on this post shortly. The ride plan for June 17th might stand cancelled as we have found no opportunities to ride. Watch this space for more.


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