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General Discussion / Safe Riding Tips
« on: July 13, 2018, 09:58:52 AM »
Know your Limits and your Bike Limits
Never get carried over by speed
Never let anyone influence your riding on the road.

Let me share a incident in which I learned these in a harder way.
I was riding to Bangalore from my hometown and was around 50km away from Hasan. Since its not my first time on that road and I did atleast 5 trips in that route, I knew the roads very well,
I was doing constant speeds of some 70-90kmph and all was good untill 2 people on a Rx100 abruptly overtook me(I dont say them squids because i was a better squid that day)
In such a calm route, I was rattled by sudden sound and they passed so close and fled away at around 80kmph.
I had 2 options,
1. Relax, take a deep breath and continue the way I was riding
2. Chase them and show I'm better and satisfy my Ego

Unluckily I chose option 2 even when my pillion asking me not to.
I chased them, then they overtook me for some 5 min it went on

My speed already crossing triple digits and I kept going away from them
A. I'm already out of my comfort zone
B. Had traffic and Bike also out of its controlling ability in that conditions

All of a sudden some 100m away from me a poor biker took and sudden right and started to overtake a auto
Bang I jammed my brakes and I hit that biker around 10kmph, my handlebar locked to his hand and his bike dragged my bike and we both fell.
Thanks to our riding gears nothing big happened to us but that poor biker had some minor wounds as he didn't had any protection. Because of me(SQUID) one innocent rider got injure.

Now also I regret it thinking I would have chosen option1 that day. I now keep only option 1 with me.

There is a saying "we learn from mistakes"
Mistake can be yours or others :P

Also remember a thing before competing with anyone on the road - what will you gain!? at the end of the run, you dont know him and he dont know you  :-X

When I was planning to buy Dominar itself I started searching for a good helmet and gloves, at that moment of time all known YouTube'rs were talking about BBG, I thought this is the best brand out there (i didnt even knew brands like solace, tbg exist  :o )
I got to know there are 3 types of gloves we can use
One is a normal rider glove type (like probiker) for city use
Semi Gauntlet gloves for touring
Full Gauntlet for racing

Obviously I was not planning any track and straigh away finalized to buy semi gauntlet glove
in this section BBG was offering the best one at the given price of Rs.2800. I checked the Rynox and i didnt like it
I bought it from Adheshwars almost 15 days before i bought my bike.

I must say after using almost every day for past 1 year and 3 months, its really glove
The glove gives good protection to Knucke, fingers and palm
Very good quality materials used

The internal stitching and finish near the fingertips could have been better
Its not even water resistant  (Leather gloves not supposed to be used in rain ;D )
after riding in rain, the glove started to fade and now its started tearing off near the palm area (these can be expected from a glove which used for daily rides for last one year)

Do I recommend this Glove
YES - if you specifically looking for semi gauntlet gloves

I have been using this Leiidor jacket from a year now.
I was in a hurry to buy Jacket, tried all the jackets but they were not fitting properly
I was unaware that there is a option to customize jackets.
When the Leiidor seller approached and said they can give a custom fit jacket, I was so happy and the jacket was so well stitched and went ahead and paid without a second thought as the final price offered was Rs.8000
(MRP of jacket was Rs.6899, Rain liner was separate another Rs.1500, and L2 pack protector for Rs.1500)

But i got the jacket after a month of wait , that too with default size which was not fitting me again after 2 months of follow up i got the better fitted jacket (still not the perfect fit)
I given up on them and started using it.
Due to this bad experience, I was reluctant to recommended this jacket brand to anyone in our group. the purchase cycle is not so friendly. Not sure if they kept it to display in some stores or not.

Jacket fabric quality is awesome, its fully breathable and can be used in city traffic without getting much sweat
Overall quality is really good and feels premium
Very Lightweight for day to day usage
Comes with Knox protectors

Back protector supplied with the jacket is Foam
Doesnt come along with thermal or rain liner
No option to upgrade L2 on Elbow and Shoulder armors
The reflective materials are very less in this jacket, so the visibility in the dark will not be as good as others

Do I recommend this jacket?
If you prefer the quality over the features, its worth a try. Else you will find lot of options in the market.

Attached reference pics

Gadget Reviews / Chain Cleaner and Lube
« on: July 04, 2018, 09:59:55 PM »
I think chain maintenance is the most important part of regular bike maintenance.

Dominar comes with open type chain (X or Z ring I'm not sure)
The open type chains are widely used today for some of the below mentioned reasons
1. Reduce the weight as a metal box to cover the chain is not required
2. Incase of chain cut, there is very less chances of rear wheel lock (inside the box it may get jammed
3. More visibility on chain condition and better adjustment of chain slack

Now since the chain is kept open, it is exposed to dust,water and dirt and demands more maintenance
in the market there are a lot purpose made solutions to clean and lube the chain

Initially I have used Motul C1 and C2 as I knew only 1 brand
C1 is a cleaner and does absolutely nothing, i emptied whole can in just 3 uses
C2 is good, its a thick lube and holds well in rainy season too. But it tends to deposit at the front sproket and we need to clean it regularly

Later I have used OKS lube and OKS brake and clutch cleaner (wrong buy)
OKS is almost same as Motul C2 but splashes  out while running on highway
I thought i can use OKS brake and clutch cleaner as chain cleaner too but cannot as it dries out very quick

Next Buy was ReleaseON Lube and cleaner
RleaseON Lube smells very good and better compared to both Motul and OKS but needs to to relubed every 250km
cleaner is OK OK kind

My latest buy is from Tribocor
TC40 - Lube
TC212 - Dry Lube (yet to be used)
TC 208 - cleaner

the best I have ever bought, TC208 does what it says very effective to remove the sticky lube and dirt
TC40 best lube again, almost 400km chain still looks good and looks clean too.

I will post the update about the Tribocors after a month.

Pros / Highway riding comfort
« on: June 30, 2018, 11:08:15 PM »
I know all of us experience the vibrations in the city riding conditions but how about highway cruising?
I must say after doing around 20 rides of around 400kms a day, this bike is one of the most comfortable bikes for the long rides especially highway cruising.
The weight around 180kgs is helping to keep the bike planted on highspeeds against cross winds. There are times i was above 120 to 140 kmph for almost an hour, never the bike felt stressed or heated, I fell in love with this bike everytime i go on a highway.
The crazy thing about this bike is torque.. Say you are on a uphill at some 120kmph, twist the throttle and you will hit 140kmph in no time.
Sweet spot cruising speed of my bike is 105 to 135kmph
At the above mentioned speed range it delivers a mileage of around 28kmph.

Guys feel free to add your experiences

Pros / Slipper Clutch
« on: June 30, 2018, 05:52:05 PM »
This was a buzz word to me untill i experienced it..
Slipper clutch indeed regulates engine braking while downshift or sudden release of throttle while riding at high revs.
As I kept on doing long rides on highways, the rides were jerk free with smooth deceleration.
Now you might be thinking slipper clutch will reduce the engine braking.. And you are right
But in the same time it will enable you to downshift as aggressive as you want without locking up the rear wheel which is a huge benefit.

Cons / Headlight High Beam and the DRL switch
« on: June 27, 2018, 08:57:45 PM »
Bajaj shouldn't have given a separate switch for DRL, It does more harm than good
Seeing more and more people running on eye blinding DRLs.

Coming to High Beam, frankly if you seeing the bike Dominar coming from opposite side on a high beam, you will be forced to think how strong the headlight is
But in reality its not so great,
In the rains its absolutely useless
In the ghat sections it won't light up the corners.
It works wonderful on wide highways and non curvy roads

These headlights are good but not worth the hype
Thats why 50% Dominars fitted with Aux lights.

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Pros / Headlight Low Beam
« on: June 27, 2018, 08:50:46 PM »
The LED headlight of Dominar was one of the most highlighted and talked about feature.
The Low beam uses 4 LEDs of the Headlight unit and lights up the road really well
In city it lights up the road so well for riding upto 60Kmph.
It doesn't hurt the oncoming traffic in any way still gives the best illumination.

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I have bought this CG from DOCB bulk order.
The CG has sliders, design compliments the Dominar styling.
The CG has integrated aux lamp mount also.

The overall protection it gave during the fall is very good.
I had a fall at around 35kmph and the CG protected the bike from any sort of damage being done.
Price what I paid is around Rs.3300

I recommend this CG and I dont have any cons to mention.

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I have been using the adjustable clutch lever from 2017 model Duke 390 from a year now.
One of the best and must have aftermarket accessory for our Dominar.
It has 5 steps to adjust the clutch lever reach.
I'm using it at level 3, most comfortable for me.

I was facing so much stress and pain on my left hand after riding for a hour in city. Now it feels effortless
Costed me around Rs. 460
Its available in KTM SC

Q. Do you recommend this Product
A. Yes i highly recommend this

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Initial Ownership Report / Tyre Reviews
« on: June 27, 2018, 08:25:05 PM »

Standard Tyre Size For Dominar
Front 110/70-17
Rear 150/60-17

Recommended Tyre pressure
Front 29 PSI
Rear 32 PSI

Very grippy in initial days
Grips well in light Off road conditions
confidence inspiring in rain conditions

Gets hard as the tyre wears out
Lot of rear wheels spins post 10K kms
Front looses its grip after 10000 kms
Had a scary front tyre slide in charmadi ghat at some 12K odo

My Verdict
Use these for max 15 thousand kms and replace. They are best till 10K after that they get harder and less grippy.

Q. Do you buy these again?
A. May be not as there are other options like CEAT Zoom Rad X1. Also I am exploring a tyre with 150/70-17 for rear.

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Cons / Rear view mirrors
« on: June 26, 2018, 02:09:11 PM »
I really dont understand how those were fit into dominar by the Bajaj team. Almost 50% of the view is blocked while wearing a riding jacket..
On a highway straights the mirrors are so useless that you cant see anything coming from behind untill you move your hands out.

The reason a lot of people switched to KTM duke 250 mirrors.

Cons / Rear Brake
« on: June 26, 2018, 01:58:36 PM »
Rear breaks are always suppose to be weaker compared to front brake bite. But Dominar rear brake is the weakest, sometimes had to keep entire feet on the brake pedal to feel some bite..
Even the rear brake pedal is very hard to press and needs regular maintainance.

Cons / Cone set issue
« on: June 26, 2018, 01:54:27 PM »
I have faced cone set issue as early as 4000kms on my ODO. Lived with that till 3rd service and got it replaced but again after another 5000kms issue started and that typical tak tak noise while braking started coming, SC people tighten the set but the handling was never smooth as before.
The weak rear brake was one of the major factor as per my observation. But expected Bajaj to provide a better quality as Dominar being a heavy bike.

Which Helmet? Tips on buying a good helmet / SMK Twister
« on: June 25, 2018, 03:02:39 PM »
I own SMK Twister helmet for almost 1 year and 3 months now.
I must say it?s one of the best helmets under Rs.5000
?   Very cost effective (MRP. 4300 and bargain to get around Rs.3800)
?   Good liner quality
?   Has a sun visor
?   Comes with Pinlock 30
?   Quick release strap lock ? convenient in short spins around the city
?   Too much Wind noise above 80KMPH (on the left side specifically)
?   Difficult to remove and insert the liners for washing
?   The visor holding latches are very weak
?   The built in sun visor could have had even darker shade
?   Does not come with Double D ring lock mechanism ? more safer than conventional lock

In depth details - You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Features to look for while buying a helmet
?   Safety certification (minimum ECE or DOT)
?   Scratch resistant/ UV resistant visor
?   Pinlock insert ? prevents visor from getting fogged
?   Air vents for adequate air flow
?   Good quality liners
?   Lightweight ? more than 1.5kg will need more time get used to it
?   Fitting ? it should fit firmly to the head and should not move around

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