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This by far is my best experienced Petrol pump. I fill fuel for my Duke 390 and Dominar (sometimes) here. The fuel quality is extremely good and service is impeccable. The pump attendant is very careful when putting the nozzle into the fuel tank so as to not damage the fuel pump or the metal stopper for that matter. They are very friendly and polite. I would recommend to fill from here if you're in the neighborhood.

Trusted Petrol Pumps in Bangalore / Essar Petrol Pump
« on: July 05, 2018, 07:15:17 AM »
As such this is not for any specific Essar Petrol pump but in general. I trust Essar pumps since they have a positive effect (maybe imaginary) on the bike performance. I fill in two petrol pumps, one at Koramangala and the other at Home, both of which are my FNP ( Friendly Neighborhood Pumps). They draw fuel from the same refinery as Shell but cost slightly less.

Cons / Dominar name
« on: June 27, 2018, 04:51:37 PM »
There are cons regarding the bike but this one takes the cake I feel. I know a lot of people who can't even pronounce the name properly. "Dominos, Dominor and various other abominations are pronounced at least twice before they are corrected. Sometimes even owners of the bikes themselves spell and pronounce it as Dominor. Is it so difficult? I wish Bajaj had stuck to Kratos 400 as it sounded cooler or at least CS400. This is one of my only gripe against the bike apart from the other few cons mentioned in this forum.

This is a first impression review of a TPMS for motorcycle installed on my Dominar.

Background: With the ever increasing puncture possibility of my tires due to traveling on heavy traffic roads like the ORR, I was on the lookout for a reliable TPMS for my motorcycle.
I had two options, one with external sensor and another with internal. Steel Mate had one with an internal sensor which was my preferred choice but, being very expensive ( 90-100$), it was dropped.
The next choice was with an external sensor. The TPMS here is a generic brand on Aliexpress. External sensors are easy to install and require no balancing but are cumbersome to remove when filling air and prone to theft. An anti theft nut is provided however. I managed to procure one at a good price of ₹2500.

Installation: Installing the sensors is quite easy. It just invokes removing the old Valve caps, screwing on the anti theft nuts and screwing on the external sensors. Each tire has its respective sensor. The sensors are calibrated with the display from the factory itself. A spanner is provided to tighten the anti theft nuts. The handle bar mount is attached to the handle bar using a simple screw tightened manually by hand. The display screws into the mount and an adjustment screw with a damper is provided.

The display is a dot matrix display with multi colour option. It is powered by a Li-ion battery which is claimed to be blast proof. The battery has lasted me about 3 days with zero loss in battery  life as of yet. It features a micro USB port for recharging which should take about 2 hours. It Is waterproof with IP67 rating.
When tire pressure is low or high, it blinks with a red colour background and an audible noise is heard. Low pressure and high pressure can be set. Temperature is also displayed for each wheel and when the temperature crosses a set value, it alerts in the same manner. The display has two buttons, set and change. Set allows you to vary the settings as per the manual and the change button changes the values. The latter can also be used to switch on or off the display. The screen has auto off function when no motion is detected. The brightest setting of the screen can be set using the change button. 3 levels of brightness are available.

Sensors: The sensors are extremely light weight and are powered by a button cell. The cells are replaceable using a special tool to remove them from the sensor. Installation of the sensors is easy. There can be a slight loss of pressure when installing the sensors as they press the valve when screwed in. Pairing is done at the factory itself so upon switching on the display for the first time, the tires have to be moved so that the sensors become active and the readings are displayed.

Observations: Battery life is holding on well with zero los in battery life even after three days without switching off. Holds up to water or light rain for now. Waiting to test in heavy rain. Sensors have not fallen off. They are holding onto the stem tightly. Display is fairly visible in direct sunlight on medium brightness. Pressure of the tires are changing in a similar manner. The increments are in Syria of 2 PSI. Will take it on a long ride to check more changes.

1. Very lightweight and compact design.
2. Easy readability of the display.
3. Accurate readings.
4. Easy to install and uninstall.
5. No balancing of wheel required.
6. Long lasting battery of display and waterproofing.
7. Replaceable battery in sensor.
8. Sturdy mount. No unwanted loosening of the mount or display.
9. Anti-theft sensor.

1. Not anti-theft display.
2. If installed incorrectly, the valve can leak air through sensor.
3. Sensor looks odd in grey colour, would have preferred black
    sensors to match alloys.
4. Air filling is cumbersome. Have to carry the spanner with you
    always in case of puncture in order to remove sensor.

P.S: Will update as I have more observations. For now these are my initial observations only in city usage.

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