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Kawasaki is focusing on its 650 versys. Its priced very well.. People who want to spend more are getting Tigers.

The litre class versys doesn't pose any competition to the Tigers there.
Looking forward for a CKD version of versys 650.

There is no clear communication on this.
We believe Govt move is to ban roadside helmets and construction topi s.

Lets wait for an official statement. Hope traffic cops wont rob us for wearing a better than ISI helmet.

General Discussion / Re: ISI Helmets MisUnderstood ?
« on: August 11, 2018, 12:05:30 AM »
Good post and well put up content as usual BUT
This post doesn't make much sense in a Dominar forum.. It would have fitted very well on a scooty forum where the vehicle may touch a max speed of 60kmph 90% of the times.
90% Dominars will be above 100kmph on highways.

After wearing few good ISI rated helmet for few years amd using a ECE helmet for a year, I can say this post is biased towards

I'm too Indian. Mera bharat mahan but sorry ISI helmet is nowhere near the quality and safety offered by ECE standard helmet.

And by the way its not a car suspension system to be designed considering roads in mind.
At the end carsh is crash. Accident is a accident.. Wherever it may be.

If Govt says only ISI nothing else then we Indian riders will be robbed off the opportunity to wear world class helmets.

Anyways keen to know how the helmet made under the new norms would be.

Dear brothers, no gear can protect above some speed. Know the limits.. Ride safe

Thats a disgrace by Hero Motocorp.. Stupidity and taking indian consumers for granted.
Just because people buy their Spendors or Passions, you cant release some S*#t design to consumers.

they are wasting an amazing engine.

Cons / Re: Coolant Issue + Engine seizing
« on: July 27, 2018, 01:38:39 PM »
Oh Finally you got some parts covered under warranty
But 17.3k is way too much you had to spend bro..
How is the bike performing now??
Need to go through run-in period again?

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Cons / Re: Coolant issue / Coolant leaks on Dominar 400
« on: July 13, 2018, 10:55:57 PM »
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Hello everyone :)

Last time after they had changed my bikes engine case coolent went down below after 700k. Today when they opened engine, no trace of coolent was found inside the engine (little hope of light😃). Today they replaced engine bore and piston... Till date they changed every part through which coolent flows... Crossing fingers now 😬. Will do a 200km test tomorrow and will update you guys.

Rafiq bhai.. Awaiting a update from you on the issue.. Hope its fixed this time..

General Discussion / Safe Riding Tips
« on: July 13, 2018, 09:58:52 AM »
Know your Limits and your Bike Limits
Never get carried over by speed
Never let anyone influence your riding on the road.

Let me share a incident in which I learned these in a harder way.
I was riding to Bangalore from my hometown and was around 50km away from Hasan. Since its not my first time on that road and I did atleast 5 trips in that route, I knew the roads very well,
I was doing constant speeds of some 70-90kmph and all was good untill 2 people on a Rx100 abruptly overtook me(I dont say them squids because i was a better squid that day)
In such a calm route, I was rattled by sudden sound and they passed so close and fled away at around 80kmph.
I had 2 options,
1. Relax, take a deep breath and continue the way I was riding
2. Chase them and show I'm better and satisfy my Ego

Unluckily I chose option 2 even when my pillion asking me not to.
I chased them, then they overtook me for some 5 min it went on

My speed already crossing triple digits and I kept going away from them
A. I'm already out of my comfort zone
B. Had traffic and Bike also out of its controlling ability in that conditions

All of a sudden some 100m away from me a poor biker took and sudden right and started to overtake a auto
Bang I jammed my brakes and I hit that biker around 10kmph, my handlebar locked to his hand and his bike dragged my bike and we both fell.
Thanks to our riding gears nothing big happened to us but that poor biker had some minor wounds as he didn't had any protection. Because of me(SQUID) one innocent rider got injure.

Now also I regret it thinking I would have chosen option1 that day. I now keep only option 1 with me.

There is a saying "we learn from mistakes"
Mistake can be yours or others :P

Also remember a thing before competing with anyone on the road - what will you gain!? at the end of the run, you dont know him and he dont know you  :-X

General Discussion / Re: Tata Nano is no More!
« on: July 13, 2018, 12:10:49 AM »
I feel Tata got it wrong from day1 though it was a brave move.
They advertised the concept to be a 1 lac car, Which never sold for 1lac rupees . Got a lot of negative marketing from media, even one in a ten thousand incident highlighted in a way every Nano is faulty and the competitors killed it with more and more cars near that segment. If executed well it would have been a JIO of motor world today.

General Discussion / Re: #saynotohighbeam
« on: July 13, 2018, 12:03:56 AM »
People need to have awareness about this.. Else every new owner will ride with DRL because it look so awesome.
And if we point out the oncoming Dominar to switch to low beam, he may just think. LOL its a BS4, I cant turn off my Headlights.

I was using DRL untill a autowala near Sakleshpur asked me to turn off headlight and said he didn't see anything because of my light, had few more people pointing out to my lights where I learned that its not the way to use it.. And being part of DOCB, we started checking the High beam indicator on the secondary console as soon as we start the bike.. Now its a habbit.

Lets spread the awareness.

(think about Activa which sells nearly 2 lacs a month, I cant imagine our roads next year with these LEDs)

ECU Update 117 / Re: My 117 ECU update review
« on: July 12, 2018, 11:51:43 PM »
Good to hear you are happy with 117 update but point no. 6 is little too much of a Exaggeration  :P
I'm 100% sure its a 6th gear and not 3rd

A really good initiative.. but seems like its limited only to Delhi at the moment, hope we have the same in Bangalore too.
here we need to go to the RTO from where the license is generated to get a smart card license.
hope we see digitization in RTO soon.

Ride, Rider stories & Travelogues / Re: She is almost a year old!!
« on: July 10, 2018, 09:43:44 PM »
I really enjoyed reading your posts Rohit. And this one is even better. Feels like I should also sum up my story of buying Dominar and post it here.  8)

Hi Nikhil.. Try the ones from TBG.. they cost around 5k but the leather and feel is really good.
Even I am planning for full Gauntlets but will wait till this rainy season gets over :)

Even I have the same query. Lot of people are getting it replaced at around 25k. Mine reaching near 23k.
Need to know the genuine symptoms of a wornout clutch plate..
Shocking to hear the clutch life is so less for dominar.
For my pulsar it lasted some 9 years and more than 1.5 lac kms.

When I was planning to buy Dominar itself I started searching for a good helmet and gloves, at that moment of time all known YouTube'rs were talking about BBG, I thought this is the best brand out there (i didnt even knew brands like solace, tbg exist  :o )
I got to know there are 3 types of gloves we can use
One is a normal rider glove type (like probiker) for city use
Semi Gauntlet gloves for touring
Full Gauntlet for racing

Obviously I was not planning any track and straigh away finalized to buy semi gauntlet glove
in this section BBG was offering the best one at the given price of Rs.2800. I checked the Rynox and i didnt like it
I bought it from Adheshwars almost 15 days before i bought my bike.

I must say after using almost every day for past 1 year and 3 months, its really glove
The glove gives good protection to Knucke, fingers and palm
Very good quality materials used

The internal stitching and finish near the fingertips could have been better
Its not even water resistant  (Leather gloves not supposed to be used in rain ;D )
after riding in rain, the glove started to fade and now its started tearing off near the palm area (these can be expected from a glove which used for daily rides for last one year)

Do I recommend this Glove
YES - if you specifically looking for semi gauntlet gloves

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