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#My Reason to buy dominar

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#My Reason to buy dominar
« on: June 16, 2018, 07:08:57 PM »

My name is adarsh Raikar  lives in Bangalore and works for a MNC here . And this is my story for choosing Dominar.

Motorcycling grew up on me when I was on college days where one of my friend brought a MOJO when it was launched before it I never showed up interest on motorcycling.
We started going on rides on the bike short rides where even I used to ride it .and I was very happy and wanted to buy one motorcycle only to show off like whenever I used to ride mojo on Bangalore roads initial days people used to give attention because of hefty bike whenever we use to stop for signals petrol bunks people used to ask which bike was it . Later slowly passion was changed I started loving the motorcycle not only to show off but all other small things like it?s power. The way it handles road and it grew up on me such that every other weekend I used to rent some motorcycle from wicked ride I started with DUKE then next week I took a Himalayan and soo on .  Many time we have also rented a motorcycle and went for long rides like Mysore etc and now it was my time and wanted to purchase one for myself and from there the journey started.

My budget was roughly 2.5lk under which I had option of Himalayan,Mojo,Duke 250, Dominar I was very happy with Himalayan and had decided that I will go for that later I heard lot of news and complaints about the Himalayan to which I had to step back and look for other options.
I went on test drive with duke first I loved it somewhere I was not happy with the pricing 2.3 lakhs for a 250cc bike I thought was not worth that too without ABS .
 Second option mojo I had already riden it and loved it becyof monster like look and design but I was very lean and thin  and mojo was a hefty bike where it would never looked good for personality like me
My friends suggested me not to take the bike for this reason . I had to dump it now only possible option was Himalayan or Dominar I went on test rides on dominar all though I was not happy to ride the bike because I used to think it?s from Bajaj and it will not have soo much attention on roads and even worry about long terms. I rode the bike for 1km test ride and felt lot of vibrations on bike on test bike but I loved  the power output which it delivered  it was fast . Now I narrodoen my choice to two bike Himalayan or Dominar and somewhere I used to feel dominar suited me because of its power and also had safety features like ABS and Slipper clutch but was worried about vibrations I took the bike for a long  spin near kannakapura I rented one for a day . While returning I felt this bike was best and also showed some amount of public attention because of headlamps . After few days when I received my bonus I went ahead a booked a Matt black dominar and I am very happy with the decision and happy that I found this club where many dominar bikers like me joined 


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Re: #My Reason to buy dominar
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2018, 09:02:02 PM »
Nice one Adarsh  8) welcome to DOCB enjoy ur rides and brotherhood with DOCB. Godspeed and ride safe bro