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First Service Experience at VST Bajaj

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First Service Experience at VST Bajaj
« on: September 16, 2018, 10:58:13 PM »

I got my first service of Dominar done at 600km from VST Rajajinagar, Bengaluru. It was a horrible experience overall.

I decided to breakdown my experience..

1. When leaving the bike for service, the technician in-charge quoted Rs.600 as estimate. After I told him that this bike has fully synthetic oil which itself costs 1000 he made it 1000+ so now I was really skeptical and I asked him to fill oil in front of me so that I know they fill 10w50.

2. While taking delivery,  It was time to drain and fill oil in front of me but they had already drained oil and changed oil filter. I observed the sump was dry so if someone tried to crank, bike would be damaged. The center bolt to drain was never opened to clean. They said it had been done. However no silencer gasket was billed, nor did I see oil spill on the silencer. Clearly they have either lied to me or some magical wand was used to clean the central drain bolt of any filings.

3. They filled 1.5lt of the Bajaj Total 10w50 oil. The level was showing below the minimum mark. I spoke to the mechanic who said it needs to circulate so we started the engine and then switched off, waited for 10mins and checked. It was below the low mark. They were adamant that since 1.5lt has been filled in front of me they don't need to fill any more. My assumption is probably some oil got sucked by new oil filter. I even checked after bike was parked overnight and spoke to service manager next day and he was of no help. Just over call he mentioned that 1.5lt oil was put in front of my eyes and told me that I cannot make a judgement of oil level meter as it doesn't always show accurately. I understand he has knowledge and experience but that is no way you can assume and tell customer something over call.

4. The coolant was topped a little over High mark, but since there was a little space above it for breather, I didn't say anything about it to the service manager when taking delivery as I am sure overspill hoses are I am not worried about it.

5. Bike wasn't washed properly but that isn't it. Too much polish was sprayed all over including radiator which started to burn and fume after I stated bike. Stupid people!! While maybe not a hazard its still dangerous. Brakes were also weak due to it but I know this happens even after a wash in case diesel or polish is sprayed. I made a mental note to explicitly inform not to use any polish on the bike next time.

6. In the end, I was left flabbergasted when I saw they charged me Rs.45 for battery maintenance. By the way the Dominar gets a VRLA maintenance free battery. When I asked this to the service incharge he started giving excuse that it needs charging. I very well know the bike generates above 230W power which is adequate to charge battery on long tours. I just let it go thinking next time I will ensure to check before I am billed for such unwarranted expenses.

Having come from Yamaha. This overall experience didn't go down well for me. A reliable service network and cheap spares is my advantage but inexperienced engineers and mechanics and my first hand just experience for oil level, I felt disgusting.

Later, I just topped up about 70-100ml of 10w50 full synt oil so that the mark is now showing just above the minimum because I very well care for my bike and my experience has taught me a lot and no service manger can justify saying they poured one full can oil right in front of me!

End of the day its not the can but the oil gauge. It was bad for having even tried to get a convincing response. Finally I decided to write out this same thing in email to Bajaj as a feedback.

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