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What do you take to keep up the momentum during long rides ?

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Hello Brothers, Was having this curious question from long time since i started riding. Generally what do you guys take for keeping up the energy during the rides covering a distance of more than 600kms one side.
Even, everyone would be expecting my intake as well i believe. Well, I take Banana and then gatorade or Nimbu Fresh. And obviously yes, Water is default though !!!
But would like to know how others keep up their momentum on the same.
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Re: What do you take to keep up the momentum during long rides ?
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2018, 06:39:17 AM »
Hey Sangeeth,
Nice question well for any long travel I would suggest to have a light meal and not to over eat. For energy if on along ride as you mentioned Bananas are good as it keeps you full, also for energy you might consider energy bars , dry fruits and nuts, chocolates, Glucobolts which will give u energy. Being hydrated is also important so you can mix Glucon D, Tang. If you wanna stay awake after night shift for a ride Redbull, Monster Energy or black coffee will help.