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Slipper Clutch ? What Is It & How Does It Work ?

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Slipper Clutch ? What Is It & How Does It Work ?
« on: July 09, 2018, 08:34:43 PM »
Modern Machines with latest Tech, at least for India. Slipper clutch is been around for quite sometime and finally KTM and Bajaj has offered us this tech at a reasonable price. 8)

So what is slipper clutch ? As the name states its Slippery. ::)
Yes this aids the rider when one is at a low gear and suddenly leaves the clutch,usually if its a normal bike with no SC the rear wheel would lock and might lead to a fatal accident, where as  SC will allow the wheel to spin in sync to the RPM, slowly reducing the speed of the bike, aka know as ENGINE BRAKING.

Useful rating of SC is 7/10 ;D

More info and a video abt the same can be found in the link below
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