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Safe Riding Tips

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Safe Riding Tips
« on: July 13, 2018, 09:58:52 AM »
Know your Limits and your Bike Limits
Never get carried over by speed
Never let anyone influence your riding on the road.

Let me share a incident in which I learned these in a harder way.
I was riding to Bangalore from my hometown and was around 50km away from Hasan. Since its not my first time on that road and I did atleast 5 trips in that route, I knew the roads very well,
I was doing constant speeds of some 70-90kmph and all was good untill 2 people on a Rx100 abruptly overtook me(I dont say them squids because i was a better squid that day)
In such a calm route, I was rattled by sudden sound and they passed so close and fled away at around 80kmph.
I had 2 options,
1. Relax, take a deep breath and continue the way I was riding
2. Chase them and show I'm better and satisfy my Ego

Unluckily I chose option 2 even when my pillion asking me not to.
I chased them, then they overtook me for some 5 min it went on

My speed already crossing triple digits and I kept going away from them
A. I'm already out of my comfort zone
B. Had traffic and Bike also out of its controlling ability in that conditions

All of a sudden some 100m away from me a poor biker took and sudden right and started to overtake a auto
Bang I jammed my brakes and I hit that biker around 10kmph, my handlebar locked to his hand and his bike dragged my bike and we both fell.
Thanks to our riding gears nothing big happened to us but that poor biker had some minor wounds as he didn't had any protection. Because of me(SQUID) one innocent rider got injure.

Now also I regret it thinking I would have chosen option1 that day. I now keep only option 1 with me.

There is a saying "we learn from mistakes"
Mistake can be yours or others :P

Also remember a thing before competing with anyone on the road - what will you gain!? at the end of the run, you dont know him and he dont know you  :-X


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Re: Safe Riding Tips
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2018, 03:08:35 PM »
Ride safe brother we all have our past experiences all we can do is learn from them and never make such mistakes again. All we can do is share those experiences so that others can learn and not make the same mistakes again.