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ISI Helmets MisUnderstood ?

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ISI Helmets MisUnderstood ?
« on: August 09, 2018, 10:39:41 AM »
Warm Greetings Everyone!!!

I was just reading through some discussions and social media updates over the need for an "ISI Helmet" to be made mandatory, a few things i read were not only shocking but very odd to say the least! Before we get into the details of things around the standardisation, Indian helmet companies misusing their powers etc,etc. lets spend some time understanding "what is" and "what isn't" ?

NOTE: This discussion is specific to Helmets only and is more about my understanding and opinion against the standards.


We all know what this is, the colourful crown that differentiates a Biker and for some its an expression of what the Rider's emotions are! but, take all of that out of the picture and it is just another Protective gear that is made mandatory by the government considering the growing number of Road Accidents and also a means to hide your face from the traffic cameras so that they get only your Number Plates. LOL

Anyways, every Country/Continent that feels that they are good at talking crap, come up with something called "Standards", be it the US of A, the European Union hell even the world has standards called "ISO" then why not us? I mean "We are INDIANS" and we ain't gonna back off right? even-though our standards called the "ISI" is the same as the abbreviation "our neighbour" uses for their secret services! but, who cares?

Fun Facts ->

  • Any Country can create their own process to allow labels/Standards as long as they match or have something in common with the Global Standards. - This helps Foreign Trade. 
  • You Don't Need to Prove your product quality to the Government on a regular basis, All you need is a "Certificate" for one product and you are good for the next 50 years. There is no one who will walk though your door to test the quality as no Standardisation body has a mechanism/Method to check it.
Now, you could always say "ECE 22.05" is the GOLD Standard but, that's for Europe and their Road Conditions. They did not survey our Bangalore potholes or the EC Flyover or get stuck in Silk Board suffocating in the heat nor did they ride through the dusty Metro Construction Sites. HELL! most of them don't even complain of Hair-fall! (They are definitely not good examples for us!!!)

Coming to Helmet Standards:

If you go through the details of each of the standards set be it DOT/SNELL/ECE or ISI. These are only guidelines as to what needs to be put in as a minimum in order to attain these Certificates.

Categorisation of the Requirements are Based on:

  • Rigid Outer Shell
  • Impact Absorbing Liner
  • Comfort/Fit Padding
  • Face Shield 
  • Additional Face Protection
  • Retention System

Now all of these items only help you understand the shape, material and construction and an expectation on how to provide a degree of protection from injury in the event of an accident provided the helmet is fastened.

In Short, you are at the mercy of the product you own and what your pockets let you afford! People have lost their lives with Studds so has been the case with an AGV Corsar. The blame is not on the Material used, its the way He/She crashed. There is no respect in dying from a head injury even if it was "Shoei" because u still died!

My views are blunt on Helmets:
Fundamentally, if you can come up with a reason why you're riding with a helmet even you think is substandard, I can say with great confidence that you should not be riding a two-wheeler. My helmets don't cross 3 years, Crash or No-Crash, good or bad. My Helmet served its purpose and its time to go!!

So Instead of comparing and wasting time! lets just concentrate on the Road and try to miss those barricades! The Sticker on the helmet aint going to do much there.

Lastly: study and carefully choose the brands you trust. Wear their products because you believe they haven't cut corners. Be hard to please in this regard - there is no such thing as too good a helmet for your head.

If you feel the helmet is substandard, ISI or not. Don't buy it and share the word! People will oppose the brand and the brand will up the standards.

Be Safe! Ride Safe! #ATGATT


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Re: ISI Helmets MisUnderstood ?
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2018, 12:05:30 AM »
Good post and well put up content as usual BUT
This post doesn't make much sense in a Dominar forum.. It would have fitted very well on a scooty forum where the vehicle may touch a max speed of 60kmph 90% of the times.
90% Dominars will be above 100kmph on highways.

After wearing few good ISI rated helmet for few years amd using a ECE helmet for a year, I can say this post is biased towards

I'm too Indian. Mera bharat mahan but sorry ISI helmet is nowhere near the quality and safety offered by ECE standard helmet.

And by the way its not a car suspension system to be designed considering roads in mind.
At the end carsh is crash. Accident is a accident.. Wherever it may be.

If Govt says only ISI nothing else then we Indian riders will be robbed off the opportunity to wear world class helmets.

Anyways keen to know how the helmet made under the new norms would be.

Dear brothers, no gear can protect above some speed. Know the limits.. Ride safe