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Information on weather for Ladakh side specially on the killar/Kishtwar Side?

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Hi Anyone can give me any latest information on the weather on killar and kishtwar side and ladakh would be much of help.
Or is there any app to find out the weather forecast.


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Weather is those regions are like Bangalore which is unpredictable hence it may keep changing often, plus many here have said that Aug is rainy season there, so hopefully the rain gods show us some mercy during ur and mh trip. Weather you can use Accu weather which is reliable, else just type in Google and it will give u the results. Do look for the extended forecast so you might have a idea of the weather conditions before hand.

Hey Thanks, Bud,
Like you said I shall take a call when I reach Keylong. Hope the rain god have some mercy on us all riders and stop rain for few days.

Sameer RK