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Review - ResQtech Pressure Washer 1700w 135 bar

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Review - ResQtech Pressure Washer 1700w 135 bar
« on: July 01, 2018, 10:01:00 AM »

For a couple of years now I was trying to get hold of a Pressure Washer which makes the life of a automobile enthusiast very easy when it comes to keeping their steeds cleaner.

Here is a video of Unboxing and fixing of the unit I did if you want to have a look at what accessories and how to assemble it.

Till now I was washing my car and bike with 2 bucket method and a few items with the hose which hardly had any pressure. So while searching for the pressure washer there was a automatic choice of getting a Karcher make, something like a Karcher K2 as I had heard quite a lot about it, but still I didn't get into the stage of buying it owing to my apprehensions (or may be fact too) on the high cost of replacement spares and quality of customer care support.

Just a few months back I got to know about the ResQtech pressure washer being good in its quality from people I knew of and did some digging on the brand and the unit itself. This led me to believe that ResQTech is now one of the established players in the Pressure washing products and since they are based out of India, the cost of spares and availability shouldn't be an issue.

After reading some more reviews on Amazon and speaking with the company executive I bit the bullet and got myself the pressure washer which is selling at Rs. 8k on Amazon and also got a foam cannon separately from the company, which costed Rs. 750.

After using it once I can safely say I have made a right choice is getting the ResQTech unit which serves the purpose of car and bike washing, moreover it is quite useful in household cleaning also.

I will just list down what I felt -

+ Pressure washer works as it should and 1700w with 135 bar is more than sufficient for washing vehicles and household cleaning

+ Customer care support is very good. I had received a faulty wheel and just a message to the company executive ensured I get a replacement within couple of days. Thumps up to this.

+ Priming pipe is given as a accessory in the box is very useful when there is no option of connecting running water source. Priming pipe can suck water from the bucket filled with water.

+ Quality of hose pipe and priming pipe are very good

+ Foam cannon serves the purpose of snowing the vehicle sufficiently for the price paid. I would have liked a more thicker paste kind of foam generated by foam cannon like MJJC. When I spoke with the company representative about this he mentioned that they are working on that.

- Plastic quality of the gun should have been better, it doesn't feel as sturdy as I would have liked.

~ Plastic quality of the unit feels good.

While washing my Dominar I observed that for a 3 step washing process it consumes approx upto 30 ltrs of water which includes below process -

# Presure washing bike to remove the top later dirt and accumulated dust etc

# Foaming up the bike using Foam cannon filled with Foam wash concentrate

# Clean up the bike after shampoo wash with pressure wash

Overall I am happy with the ResQtech unit.

That's all for now. I will update if I come across anything more while using it.

Happy washing.



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Re: Review - ResQtech Pressure Washer 1700w 135 bar
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2018, 05:31:29 PM »
Nice review KK I brought Bosch Aquatak and it's been almost 5 years no complaints, will think of this once my Bosch stops working. Nice assortment of accessories provided. But Bosch build quality is good and till date no issues.


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Re: Review - ResQtech Pressure Washer 1700w 135 bar
« Reply #2 on: July 04, 2018, 02:00:54 AM »
Good to see you using the Resqtech. After using it for almost a year I can safely say no issues with the same. The foam cannon could have been more thicker but foam cannon is just as good as the shampoo being used.
When I recieved mine, the handle was broken which was promptly replaced. Customer service has been very good. I would recommend others to buy this over other reputed brands.
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