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Chain Cleaner and Lube

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Chain Cleaner and Lube
« on: July 04, 2018, 09:59:55 PM »
I think chain maintenance is the most important part of regular bike maintenance.

Dominar comes with open type chain (X or Z ring I'm not sure)
The open type chains are widely used today for some of the below mentioned reasons
1. Reduce the weight as a metal box to cover the chain is not required
2. Incase of chain cut, there is very less chances of rear wheel lock (inside the box it may get jammed
3. More visibility on chain condition and better adjustment of chain slack

Now since the chain is kept open, it is exposed to dust,water and dirt and demands more maintenance
in the market there are a lot purpose made solutions to clean and lube the chain

Initially I have used Motul C1 and C2 as I knew only 1 brand
C1 is a cleaner and does absolutely nothing, i emptied whole can in just 3 uses
C2 is good, its a thick lube and holds well in rainy season too. But it tends to deposit at the front sproket and we need to clean it regularly

Later I have used OKS lube and OKS brake and clutch cleaner (wrong buy)
OKS is almost same as Motul C2 but splashes  out while running on highway
I thought i can use OKS brake and clutch cleaner as chain cleaner too but cannot as it dries out very quick

Next Buy was ReleaseON Lube and cleaner
RleaseON Lube smells very good and better compared to both Motul and OKS but needs to to relubed every 250km
cleaner is OK OK kind

My latest buy is from Tribocor
TC40 - Lube
TC212 - Dry Lube (yet to be used)
TC 208 - cleaner

the best I have ever bought, TC208 does what it says very effective to remove the sticky lube and dirt
TC40 best lube again, almost 400km chain still looks good and looks clean too.

I will post the update about the Tribocors after a month.


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Re: Chain Cleaner and Lube
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2018, 05:48:35 PM »
Good one Nelson seems that I have used all the brands and finally liked one of them. But my suggestion would be to stick on to one particular brand. I at the moment using YAMALUBE chain lube it's really good, brought it sometime back and it's almost empty. Have 2 cans of Motul which I'll use as Yamalube was not available recently saw it in Yamaha showroom. So u may wanna try it n hope all like it.