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« on: June 14, 2018, 09:21:21 PM »
Dear Riders,

As you all know our brotherhood is now becoming bigger day by day and with it, comes different challenges of informing the larger group on information related to DOCB affiliates i.e. stores or websites where we have get additional benefits/discounts. For this, We have created a separate member group in the forum known as DOC.Alpha where the relevant information pertaining to the discounts and other benefits would be posted. The membership to this group is restricted as we will be catering to the riders who are regular on rides and take part in activities related to DOCB.

Riders who gain access to DOC.Alpha are entitled to take an advantage of following benefits:

1) Discounts on various biking products who are affiliated to DOCB
2) Chances to participate and extend support in larger DOCB undertakings
3) Discounts on DOCB merchandise
4) Become part of the famed DOCB alpha team

To part of DOC.Alpha member group one should meet the following conditions:
1) Should have attended at least 2-3 DOCB short rides within the last 3 months (BR, NR etc.)
2) Should have ridden with DOCB on at least one day ride
3) Be willing to assist in collection and distribution of merchandise or have been involved in the distribution

Please note that in order to continue remaining as an Alpha member, you will have to meet these conditions on a regular basis. Failing to adhere would result in revoking of the said privileges.

If the DOCB admin team determines the following conditions met, then you will have to access to DOC.Alpha. To access the relevant sections/boards you have to submit a request to the Admin on the forum, so that you would get added in the additional groups.

DOCB Admin team

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