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Mods on My Bike

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Mods on My Bike
« on: June 16, 2018, 06:14:02 AM »
Hello guys,

I would like to share few modifications done on my Dominar 400

1. Front Numbers plate holder. ₹350

This comes above your front mudguard. It looks good. Cost was around 350.

2. KTM grips. ₹250

This is a good option as the stock one started sticking and became very loose.

3. KTM knuckle guard. ₹ 980

This is also a good mod as this helps to protect your clutch and brake levers during impact.

4. Mobile holder and charger. ₹ 650-800

I bought a Chinese one. It's been a year and still good.

5. KTM 250 mirrors. ₹500

This has helped a lot. The view angle and coverage has improved after upgrading to KTM 250 mirrors.

6. KTM adjustable clutch lever. ₹ 750-850

You can adjust your clutch as per your requirement.

7. AS 200 visor with clamps. ₹ 750

Much better compared to the stock visor. But you will still feel some air passing across your helmet.

8. Radiator guard. ₹350

Better to Install one as it protects radiator unit.

9. Crash Guard. ₹3500

Using a custom made Crash Guard looks neat and strong.

10. CR Back rest.

I use this only during long rides with Pelion. Pelion comfort and confidence will increase with this modification.

11. Silencer guard. ₹ 350

This will protects your silencer during small fall.

Note : all the above modifications where done according to my comfort, it can change from person to person.


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Re: Mods on My Bike
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2018, 10:08:42 PM »
Hey Rafiq Bhai nice mods to ur liking love em all of the above are in my bike too plus have some additional stuff in my ride like
Lluvia saddle stays
Battery volt meter
Aux lights and mirror lights
Hazard lights
Installed a GPS tracker
Avenger pillion footrest
Secondary wind deflector
Windtone horn
Handlebar riser from CR
CR top rack
Studds top box.

Waiting for TPMS. 8)


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Re: Mods on My Bike
« Reply #2 on: July 04, 2018, 08:16:38 AM »
Now, I am thrilled to add my line up as well  :P :P :P :P :P

I actually purchased the whole package from a Single brand  :-X I was too lazy to study the market before i jumped.

Handle Bar Raiser
Frame Sliders ( Premium)
Top Rack
Saddle Stays
Pillion Back rest

(All of these from Carbon Racing, Please Note: I aint marketing nobody however, the workmanship and support from CR has been commendable and prompt at least in my case)

Autofy Hazard lights
U7 Fog lamps
Blind spot mirrors ( I have only the sticker now cos, someone flicked the mirrors  >:( )