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Basic Needs for a Tourer

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Basic Needs for a Tourer
« on: June 20, 2018, 09:50:52 AM »
Good Day!

With big bikes comes bigger engines and alot of craziness! the Bajaj Dominar has obviously taken this itch up a notch after the craziness that RE had put into our heads. Lately, I have noticed alot of riders that throw caution to the air and take touring for granted. There are alot of things that can go wrong in a ride however, having the right setup and tools can reduce the pain of getting stranded or waiting for RSA.

Let's get started:

The most important thing for me on a long ride is comfort. The Bajaj Dominar comes with a bean type perimeter frame and Multi Step Adjustable Mono Shock (jazzy) Nevertheless, like every other bike the seat is quite comfortable for a shorter ride however, the longer hauls do tend to stress you (you know where).

So, here are a couple of things that I use.

I have a 25mm Handle bar Raiser from Carbon Racing (chose this product for its quality, there are many other options available as well), this changes my seating position from Aggressive to a more straighter back and reduces the stress on the elbow.
Fego Float: A definite investment that saves you from a lot of Pain. This product is more like a rip-off of the Ride-On Air. However, comes at a pretty cheap price. (I bought it for 1399 INR. Product is also available on Amazon)

The above items should be more than enough to satisfy you on the ride. there is nothing else required as such.

Here are some other things that might interest you as well.


Don't forget your riding gear, Rain/Thermal Liners depending on where you are going. Extra pair of gloves and DON'T FORGET YOUR PILLION. He/She sitting behind also needs to have the same level of safety as you do. Your pillion is also prone to Injuries, Don't forget to take adequate safety measure for you loved ones as well.

Carry a Medical Kit as well: Band-Aids, Antiseptics, pain Killers and ORS should do the trick.

2) Tools

Whats worse then a Puncture or losing engine oil/coolant in the ride?

Well, nothing that i can think of.

Always carry your tool kit from the Manufacturer with an extra set of Pliers, Spanners (Size 6-16), .
Some screws- M6, M8, M10 (cos you never know when some fall off)
A Puncture Kit with a tyre inflator or a foot pump.
Spark Plugs, Extra piece of Wire, 500ml Engine oil and 200ml Coolant.
Chain Lube and Chain Cleaner.

3)Bike Mods:

This is where most guys go crazy, you only need the basics to keep your luggage and save you from impact so,

Knuckle guards, Top rack, Saddle stays and fog lamps should do it. If you are regularly riding with a pillion go for a Back rest. Otherwise, its just going to be Jazz and additional weight that is going to drop your mileage.

Don't Forget to do your pre-checks before you take her out on the ride. Ride Safe, wear your gear and hope this post helps.



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Re: Basic Needs for a Tourer
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2018, 09:22:41 PM »
Very detailed Rohit..
Let me add to it.. below are the modifications I have made for the touring comfort.

Backrest from Carbon racing
Pros - I can say its 100% functional and doubles the pillion comfort as well as confidence the quality is also very good
Cons - Pillions will struggle to sit on the bike as they need to climb on the footpeg

Top rack and saddle stay from again Carbon racing
actually I wanted only top rack but bought saddle stays along so that i can fix together and saved me some cost too (literlly added more weight
Pros - Top rack is able to hold upto 10KG luggage without any isue on handling, its very sturdy and keeps mounted luggage in place even after a 7 hours ride.
Keeps vehicles at-least 1 feet away (in Bangalore its a achievement, usually vehicles are separated by matter of few centimeters here)
Protects rear number plate, rear indicators also  8)
cons - did not find on build or functionality but the whole set costs 1-2 Kmpl for sure

Crash Guard from Sahyadri Motors
though initially I doubted their quality, ended up buying them for their functionality
Pros - It adds up to the bike bike feel of Dominar and provides a good level of safety to the bike
the CG come integrated with Aux lamp mounts which makes easier to mount additional LED lights
Cons - I still feel at almost 4k its costly

added few pics too


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Re: Basic Needs for a Tourer
« Reply #2 on: July 05, 2018, 06:26:22 PM »
To Add to the above

lluvia D guard aka saddle stays like the design as its unique, fit and finish top class, expensive. For those will narrow parking space may consider these.

Bosch or Roots windtone horn , to match the macho looks of the Dominar one may wanna change the horn as the stock is good but does not match the bulk of the bike.

Safety wise install a GPS as a tourer we may go places which are unknown , disk brake lock for added protection.