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I brought a GS 100A?

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I brought a GS 100A?
« on: July 12, 2018, 06:55:23 PM »
I brought a GS 100A ?
Yes guys it's not what you think BMW GS 100A ?
Naah someday I'll think of that now this GS100A is a brake light flasher and did try it and works great. Have to install it yet but works as it is supposed to. So this brake light flasher is useful just to caution the rider or driver behind you.

The flasher has a sequence which flashes and then become solid.
So it goes fast 4 flashes medium 2 flashes and solid.

Wiring is simple and you can refer to the diagram below, if need help you can TG me.

I have not made any videos yet but you can check on the internet there are lots of them.

You can buy the flasher Module from Aliexpress and Amazon too.